Block others from editing a section in your shared document

As you work on a section of a document that is shared with others, you can make sure that no one else interferes. To do that, tap Review > Block Authors.

In the body of your document, you’llsee highlighted “locks” on the sections you don’t want others to edit.

You can tap Review > Unblock All My Blocked Areas when you want to free those sections for others to edit.

The Block Authors dialog

How do I know if someone is working on my document?

When you start working with others on the same document, a message pops up and tells you who is editing the document.

Message about who is editing a file.

Also, on your iPad, the Share icon in the upper-right corner displays the number of people working on the file.

The number of people  co-authoring a document

To see who else is working on the file, tap the Share icon, then tap Shared With.

Find the other authors working on a file

Tips:  As you work with others, you’ll probably see some messages and formatting appear:

  • When another author saves a change in the file, you see this message:
    The Updates Available message

  • You also see this icon and a green highlight on the section the other author changed:
    A green highlight means changed text.

  • To see the updates, click Save and Refresh, on the right side of the message bar:
    The Save and Refresh button

  • Word loads the changes by the other author, and highlights them in green:
    The highlights show the changes by another author

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