Bing for business Q&A management

The Q&As page lets you create quick answers for the most frequently asked questions in your company. Users can easily discover these answers on when they search with the search keywords that you have added.

Creating and managing Q&As

  1. Navigate to the Bing for business Admin portal.

  2. Click Q&As in the left navigation.

  3. Click Add Q&A at the top of the page. The Edit Q&A page displays, with an initially empty preview of what the Q&A card will look like in the business results. This preview will update as you enter the required information.

  4. Add the Title. This will appear as the heading of the Q&A when it is shown in the business results. We recommend putting this in a question format. The title can be up to 120 characters long.

  5. Add the URL to specify the location of the business resource the Q&A will point to. This will allow users to navigate to the resource to read more.

  6. Add an Answer description. This is the text that answers the question in the title. The answer description can be formatted using the ribbon at the top of the box. Some of formatting options available include emphasis (bold, italics, underline), bulleted lists, headers, hyperlinks, and quotes. Tables are not yet supported. You can preview your description by clicking the eye icon. Formatting is supported through Markdown language. Click the question mark icon in the top right corner of the Answer description box to open a Markdown guide.

  7. Add Keywords. Similar to bookmarks, Q&A will only trigger when users enter the keywords you add as a search query. Try to add as many variants as possible, including the title of the Q&A. 

  8. Add Reserved keywords to ensure the triggering of a Q&A as the main result for a given query. Note that reserved keywords can’t be shared with other Q&As. It is possible to share a reserved keyword across Q&A and bookmarks, because they are separate types, but it is not recommended.

    Note: If both a bookmark and a Q&A are expected to trigger because the keyword is shared (either a reserved keyword or a regular keyword), the bookmark will always take precedence, suppressing the Q&A.

  9. Q&A settings function exactly like bookmark settings. Please refer to the Bookmark settings section in Bookmarks management to learn more about settings. 

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