Bing for business content settings

With Bing for business, you can ensure a familiar look and feel for results that come from content sources within your organization, such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, or your company  intranet. This can be configured in the Bing for business Admin portal. You can find the necessary customization options on the Content settings page, which you can access from the navigation pane.

To change content settings, you must be a global admin for Office 365 or a Bing for business admin. Bing for business editors can view content settings but will not have permissions to edit them. See Bing for business users & permissions to learn how to manage Bing for business roles and permissions.

Organization name

Bing for business will, in most cases, use the organization name that has been defined in Office 365 for your organization. You can change the existing organization name by entering a new name in the Organization name box, using a maximum of 50 characters.


Use the Logo box to set the logo to be shown with Bing for business results for your organization. Accepted formats for your organization's logo are PNG and GIF.

To upload a logo, click Upload logo and select the file. We recommend that the file not exceed 1 MB in size and be 48px in height. Images will be scaled to 48px to maintain the aspect ratio. Other image sizes are accepted, but we cannot guarantee a perfect look.


To select the color to be used as an accent for your organization's business results, click the color palette and then choose a color.

Feedback email address

When users see business results, they are given an opportunity to provide feedback via email. You can determine where the email is sent by entering an internal email address in the Feedback email address box.

Query suggestions

You may suggest sample search terms for your users to try when using Bing for business. Enter up to five sample queries that are likely to return results for all users.

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