Adding a new item in a 2007 custom Forms tool

  1. On the Home tab, click New, and then click the form you want from the list.


    There are two types of forms you might see on this menu, depending on the design of the custom tool:

    • New, main (top-level) forms. A custom tool must contain at least one main form.

    • Response forms. That is, forms for creating items that are hierarchically associated with an existing "parent" item. Not all custom tools include this type of form. Generally, a Response form will have a name such as "Response" or "Comment" that tells you about its form type.

      Before creating a Response item, select the main item you are responding to.

  2. Fill in the form fields.

    Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk.

    Some forms in custom tools contain "form views". A form view enables you to display the form with a different set of fields in a different layout. To change a form view, on the View menu, point to Change Form View, and click the form view you want.

  3. Save the new item.

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