Add services and items to sell in Microsoft Invoicing

In Microsoft Invoicing, you can add items on the fly when you create an invoice, but you can also see them in a list. The Prices list is where you maintain the items and services that your customers can buy from you. This topic discusses how to add new items and services you can sell in Invoicing.

Add a new item to Invoicing

  1. On the Business center home page, choose Invoicing, and then choose Prices.

    Screenshot: Select Prices to change or update price list
  2. In the top right corner, choose New Price.

  3. Fill in the fields that describe this item. This includes the price and the measure that the price is by, such as $10 for a book, or $100 for an hour.

If you don't have units of measure set up, you can add them now. The units that you need depend on your business needs and the items or services that you sell. For example, add Hour and Day as units if you sell your services by the hour and by full days. Add Box and Can if you sell drinks.

Add a unit of measure

  1. In the Prices list, choose the right arrow next to the value of the Price is per field. This opens the Select a unit list, which shows codes and descriptions for your units of measure.

    Screenshot: Select a unit and description in your unit list
  2. If you want to edit the items in the list or add new units, select ... on the Select a Unit list, choose Edit List. In the first empty row, add your unit. The code is a shorthand for the unit and will be shown on your invoices.

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