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A OneNote notebook is organized into sections and pages, and it’s easy to make them colorful. Like most notebooks, it fills up over time. But here are some amazing facts. A OneNote notebook never runs out of pages, the pages never run out of space, and you can add as many sections as you want.

An overview of sections and pages

Add sections

When you create a notebook, it creates a default section for you.

  1. To rename a section, double-click New Section 1, type a name, and then press Enter.

  2. To create another section, choose the Plus Sign (+).

  3. To change the color, right-click the Section tab, choose Section Color, and then choose a color.

Creating sections

Add pages

  1. When you create a page, a blank page header is added.

  2. To rename the page header, type a title and press Enter.

    Changing a page color
  3. To rename a page, right-click the Page tab, choose Rename, and type a name.

  4. To add a page, choose + Add Page.

    Renaming a page
  5. To change the page color, choose View > Page Color, and choose a color.

    Adding a page

Add templates

You remember when you put stickers and sketches on your sixth grade notebook. After all, it was your notebook. In OneNote, you can apply templates to fit your personality, style, and frame of mind.

  1. Choose Insert > Page Templates.

  2. In the Templates task pane, expand the categories.

  3. To apply a template, click its name in the list. Press CTRL+Z if you don’t want it. Repeat until you find one you prefer.

  4. Click Close (X).

Tip: You can’t add a template to a page with notes. But, you can add a new page, add a template, and then copy notes to the new page.

Examples of templates

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