Add customers, contacts, product and service items to Business Contact Manager

During the set up of a connection to Small Business Accounting, you could have imported customers and contacts to Business Contact Manager for Outlook. Product and service items are imported automatically.

However, you can add the business data at a later time. You can also add business data if you have added new customers to your Small Business Accounting company and you now want to include this data in Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

Note: If you have previously added business data from Small Business Accounting, only new accounting data is added to Business Contact Manager for Outlook. Importing data from Small Business Accounting is a one-time only process. Importing data a second time will not change existing records; it will only add new records. To maintain consistency, any changes made to a record that originated in either system should be made in both systems.

To add customers and contacts

  1. Connect to Small Business Accounting.

  2. In Outlook, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Accounting Tools, and then click Import Accounting Data.

  3. Click Import business data.

  4. Click Next, and then click Finish.


  • A link between the customer and Account record is created automatically. The link between the customer and Account record lets you access the financial data that is stored in your accounting system.

  • You can add only new customer records to Business Contact Manager as accounts.

  • Although an Account and customer record are linked, editing the address, business phone number, fax number, or contact in one system does not update the record in the other system. You should update the record in both systems.

  • The connection between Business Contact Manager for Outlook and Small Business Accounting can only be set up from within Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

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