Add custom fields to StaffHub

When a manager creates a new team, they are prompted to enter information about that team. You can add custom fields for managers to complete at the same time.

Note: This new feature is gradually rolling out world wide. If you don't see the Add custom field option, you don't yet have it. Check back soon!

Add a custom field to StaffHub

  1. Sign in to with your Office 365 admin account.

  2. On the Admin settings page, under Team Custom Fields, choose Add custom field.

    A custom field can be either a text field or a drop down. Example of uses for custom fields are “Location ID” for a text field or “Region” drop down selections.

  3. If a team already exists and you add a custom field, you need to tell the managers to go back and populate the field in the team's settings. There's no automated notification process.

  4. The name and description of your new field will appear when manager creates a new team. They will also appear in usage reports.

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