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New drawing files open with only one page, but you can add as many pages as you want. You can use multiple pages in a drawing file to:

  • Keep related drawings in the same file. For example, for an office expansion project, you can keep office layouts in one file and drawings of the distribution of office equipment in another.

  • Keep all revisions of a single drawing in one file on successive pages to show how a project has progressed.

  • Present a series of drawings in full-screen view and navigate between them, as in a slide show.

  • Link pages together. For example, you can use hyperlinks to go from a workflow diagram shape to a detailed procedure on another page.

  • Place items that you want to display on every page on backgrounds. For example, you can place a company logo on a background so that it appears on every page in your drawing.

Each new drawing page inherits the size, orientation, scale, measurement unit, shadow offset, ruler, and grid settings of the page currently displayed in the drawing window by default. However, you can change any of those settings for the new page.

Add a new page:

  1. In the lower-left of the drawing window, right-click a page tab Page tab , and then click Insert Page.

  2. Click the Page Properties tab, and either type a name for the page or use the default name.

  3. To change the scale or size of the new page, click the Drawing Scale or the Page Size tabs.

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