Actionable analytics with Class Insights (Preview) in Teams

With Class Insights in Microsoft Teams, teachers can access analytics data on student engagement and performance. Class Insights collects student activity in Teams, like grades, assignment turn-in, and conversation activity, and creates an analytics dashboard surfacing that data in digestible data visuals. Student do not have access to Class Insights.   

Note: IT Admins, learn more about Class Insights data and privacy here

Add Class Insights to a class team:

  1. Navigate to the app bar in Teams, then select Apps. Search for "Insights."

    Select the Apps icon from the app bar in Teams, then select the Insights result

  2. Select the Insights result.

  3. Select Add to a team, then select the public channel where you want your tab to appear. Class Insights will surface activity data from all channels within a class team, but can only be added as a tab to public channels.

    Class Insights is available in class teams only and cannot be added to staff or PLC teams. 

  4. Since students don't have access to Class Insights, uncheck the option to Post to the channel about the tab, then select Save

    Uncheck the option to post to the channel about the new tab

  5. Navigate to the class team and channel you added Class Insights to, then select the Insights tab. 

    Select Insights tab in General channel

Exploring your Class Insights dashboard 

Your class dashboard presents four different categories of your students' Teams activity: Average grade, On-time assignments, Average time for feedback, and Conversation activity. You can filter the data presented in each of these categories: by student (All students or an individual student) and/or by time period (All time, 30 days, or 7 days). 

Use the tiles for a quick glance at current averages in each category. Select a tile to see a more in-depth graph on the data in that category. If you filter by an individual student, the averages in each of the tiles will change to reflect that student's data. 

  • Average grade:

    The Average grade tile presents the calculated average grade from all graded assignments. On the graph, each dot on the line represents a specific assignment; hover over a dot to see the grade data for that assignment. 

    Average grade tile selected on a Class Insights dashboard. Line graph showing two lines plotted for individual student data and class data

    Only assignments that have been assigned a point value and returned back to a student with a grade will be shown in the Average grade graph. 

  • On-time assignments:

    The On-time assignments tile presents the percentage of assignments that were turned in on time. In the graph, you can also see the total percentage of assignments that were late and missing (not yet turned in), as well as submission status (on time, late, or missing) for each specific assignment. 

    On-time assignments tile selected on Class Insights dashboard

  • Average time for feedback:

    Average time for feedback shows you the average length of time, in days, between a student submitting an assignment, and when it's returned back to them. 

    The number on the tile is an average of the time for feedback across all students and assignments. On the line graph, each dot on the line represents an assignment; hover over the dot to see data for a specific assignment. 

    Average time for feedback tile selected on Class Insights dashboard

  • Conversation activity:

    Conversation activity presents data on posts, replies, and reactions in channel conversations.

    The number shown on the tile is the total number of all student posts, replies, and reactions. In the graph, you can use the dropdown menu and select options to see activity across all channels, multiple channels, or a single channel. 

    The graph reflects data from the students you've selected (all students or an individual student) in your filters. On the column list in this section, you can see student names and a Total number, which calculates all posts, replies, and likes the student has made. Select one of the bars on the graph that corresponds to a specific date, and the column will change to only show activity from that date. 

    Note: This data reflects only student activity, and will not include posts, replies, or reactions from teachers. Conversation activity made on mobile devices will not be captured at this time. 

    Conversation activity tile selected on Class Insights dashboard

Export your data 

Select Export to Excel. The values in the spreadsheet will reflect any filters chosen (an individual student or All students, and/or time range: All time, 30 days, or 7 days).

Select Export to Excel

Info tips

As you navigate throughout your dashboard, you'll see info tips included in each tile and graph section. Select Info tip icon to understand more about the data presented, and what's measured. 

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