About adding clips to Clip Organizer

You can use Microsoft Clip Organizer to gather and store your own photos, animations, videos, and other media files.

The first time you open Clip Organizer, you can choose to let it scan your computer for photos and other media files and then organize the files it finds into separate collections so that you can easily find them later. Clip Organizer doesn't actually copy or move the files on your computer. Instead, Clip Organizer leaves the files in their original location and simply creates shortcuts for the files in collection folders. These shortcuts let you preview, open, or insert a file without having to go to its installed location.

You can add clips yourself or choose to let Clip Organizer scan for new clips any time you want.

Criteria for automatic organizing

You can let Clip Organizer automatically gather and add clips; you can decide which folders and drives will scan for new clips. You can also add clips yourself, specifying exactly which clips to add.

Tips for making new clips easier to find

There are several ways to make clips easier to find.

  • Clip Organizer automatically adds certain keywords to media files — for example, the name or extension of the file. You may want to modify, delete, or add new keywords, either to a single clip or to multiple clips to ensure that you can find the clips later.

  • When you add clips, Clip Organizer creates collection folders that are named after the folders on your computer where it found the clips. You can choose to add the clips to more than one collection, or move clips from one custom collection to another.

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