Working with page margins in Publisher

Each Master Page has page margin settings that are set for all pages that use that Master Page. When you set page margins you'll either set the margins for all Master Pages, and by extension all of the pages, or you'll set margins for the one Master Page and all pages that use that Master Page.

To quickly change the margins for all Master Pages and pages:

  1. Click Page Design > Margins.

  2. Select from one of the four pre-designed margin options: Wide, Moderate, Narrow, or None.

To change the margins for one Master Page:

  1. Click Page Design > Master Pages.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Edit Master Pages.

  3. In the Page Navigation pane, on the left of your screen, select the Master Page you want to edit.

  4. Click Page Design > Margins.

  5. Click Custom Margins and enter the margin values in the Margin Guides section of the Layout Guides dialog. For more info about the Layout Guides dialog, see Layout Guides dialog box.

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