Work with Visio UML model diagrams in Visual Studio .NET

Add a Microsoft Office Visio UML diagram to a Visual Studio solution

  • In Visual Studio, in the Solution Explorer, select a solution.

  • On the Project menu, click Add New Item.

  • In the Add New Solution Item dialog box, click Visio Files, and then click UML.

  • Under Templates, click a UML diagram, and then click Open.

Visio launches, and the new UML diagram file opens for editing.

Open an existing Visio UML diagram from Visual Studio

  • In Visual Studio, select a solution in the Solution Explorer.

  • On the Project menu, click Add Existing Item.

  • In the Add Existing Solution Item dialog box, select the UML diagram you want, and then click Open.

Visio launches with the selected file open for editing.

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