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Work with Outlook

Work with Outlook

Start with Outlook Online in the browser. If you need more Outlook features, open the Outlook desktop version and see the Outlook Quick Start.

If you’re a Mac user, see Outlook for Mac Help.

View messages by Conversation or Messages view

  • Select Filter > Show as > Conversations to view related messages as a single conversation or thread.

  • Select Filter > Show as > Messages to view related messages individually.

Screenshot of Inbox, showing Filter > Show As > Conversations selected.

Use Filters to sort and display your messages

Gmail filters and Outlook filters do slightly different things:

  • When you filter items in Outlook, you selectively choose what items are displayed, but you don't apply any actions to them, like moving them to another folder or forwarding them. You can automate actions on incoming messages with Outlook Rules.

  • In Gmail, you use Filters to automate actions on incoming messages.

To use an Outlook filter:

  1. Select Filter and then select the Filter criteria, Sort by criteria, and whether to show messages in Conversations or Messages view.

Screenshot of Inbox, with Filter > Sort by > From selected.

Create a Rule to process and filter incoming email

Gmail and Outlook both use a Conditions/Do this model to process and perform actions incoming email. Gmail calls this capability a filter, and Outlook calls it a rule.

  1. Create a rule:

    • To create a rule based on a particular email message, select the message and select More actions More actions > Create rule…

    • To create a new rule or edit an existing one, select Settings > Mail > Automatic Processing > Inbox and sweep rules, then select + in Inbox Rules.

  2. Give the rule a name.

  3. Choose what you’d like the rule to do and select OK.

Screenshot of email message with More Commands > Create Rule… selected.
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