Why do I have to sign in?

Microsoft OneNote for iPad syncs your notes with OneDrive and SharePoint, so we ask you to first sign in.

Microsoft account

This is an email address used to sign in to Microsoft services. You already have a Microsoft account if you use any of the following:

  • Hotmail (example@hotmail.com or example@live.com)

  • Outlook.com

  • Your own email address that is registered as a Microsoft account (Gmail, Yahoo, and others.)

  • Xbox LIVE

  • OneDrive

  • MSN

  • Messenger

  • Office 365 Home subscription

SharePoint notebooks

After you sign in to OneDrive using OneNote for iPad, you’ll also be able to access notebooks on SharePoint using a SharePoint URL, or by singing in to an Office 365 SharePoint site.

Applies To: OneNote for iPad

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