Where do I find templates?

Need to find a template on your computer?

Templates are files designed to be interesting, compelling, and professional-looking documents. All the formatting is complete; you add what you want to them. Examples are resumes, invitations, and newsletters. Your Office applications come with several templates already installed. To locate them, use the following instructions.

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button,Office button image select New then click Installed Templates (or Local Templates in Access). All the templates currently installed on your computer will be listed.

  2. Highlight the template you want to use and click Create. A new file will open in the template you’ve selected.

Want to find and download a new template?

Do you want to create a resume, budget, fax cover sheet, presentation, or invitation? To get free templates for these and other areas, go to the Templates home page on Office.com. You can use these free templates, or modify them to match what you need to create.

You can also download these templates from your application by following Step 1, in the previous section. Select a template from Office.com and click Download.

For more information about templates from Office.com, see Templates Help.

Applies To: Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007

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