Where can I find Microsoft Office Organization Chart?

The Organization Chart Add-in for Microsoft Office programs, previously called Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0, is an add-in that you can install and then add to your documents. Organization Chart is not installed automatically when you install Office 2010, and you have to install it manually before you can use it. Organization Chart has been available since the release of Microsoft PowerPoint 95. There have been no significant changes to the program since its initial release, and there are no plans to add any significant functionality to it in the future. You can create an organization chart without installing the Organization Chart Add-in by using Visio or by creating a SmartArt graphic. For more information, see Create a Visio organization chart or Create an organization chart. To install the Organization Chart Add-in instead, do the following.

Install Organization Chart

  1. If you’re reading this Help article from within an Office program, the Help window will close when you exit all Office programs in the next step. To continue to have these instructions available, open this Help article at http://office.microsoft.com/redir/HA010377203.aspx instead of from within an Office program or print the Help article.

  2. Exit all Office programs.

  3. In Control panel, click or double-click the Programs and Features module.

    Where is Program and Features in Control Panel?

    Programs and Features appears in different Control Panel locations depending upon the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system you are using, Control Panel view selected, and whether you are using a 32 or 64-bit operating system or version of Office 2010.

    • Do one of the following:

      • For Windows Vista and Windows 7     Open Control Panel in Windows, and then in the Search box at the top of window, type Program and Features, and then double-click it in the search returns.

      • For Microsoft Windows XP    Click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Add or Remove Programs again.

        Note: In Classic view, double-click Add or Remove Programs.

  4. Right-click the Microsoft Office 2010 entry, and then click Change.

  5. In the Microsoft Office 2010 Setup dialog box, click Add or Remove Features, and then click Continue.

  6. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Microsoft Office folder.

  7. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Microsoft Office PowerPoint folder.

  8. Click the Not Available button next to Organization Chart Add-in for Microsoft Office programs, and then click Run from My Computer Run from my computer .

  9. Click Continue to install Organization Chart. After Organization Chart is installed, you can open it.

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