Where are my worksheet tabs?

If you can't see the worksheet tabs at the bottom of your Excel workbook, refer to the following table for possible causes and solutions.

Note: The screenshots in this article were taken in Excel 2016. If you have a different version your view might be slightly different, but unless otherwise noted, the functionality is the same.



The workbook window is sized in such a way that the tabs are hidden.

  • If you have restored multiple windows in Excel, make sure the windows are not overlapping such that the top of an Excel window is covering the worksheet tabs of another window.

    Top portion of the worksheet overlaps the tabs of another worksheet
  • The status bar is dragged all the way up to the Formula Bar.

    Worksheet tabs disappear when the Status Bar is dragged all the way upto the Formula Bar
  • Tabs can also disappear if your computer's screen resolution is higher than that of the person who last saved the workbook.

You can maximize the window so that you can see the tabs again. To do that, double-click the window's title bar.

If you still don't see the tabs, click View > Arrange All > Tiled > OK.

The Show sheet tabs setting is turned off.

First make sure that the Show sheet tabs is enabled or not. To do this,

The horizontal scroll bar obscures the tabs.

Point next to the scrollbar till you see the double-headed arrow. Now drag the arrow to the right until you see the complete tab name, and any subsequent tabs.

Drag the double-headed arrow to the right to reveal one or more tabs

The worksheet itself is hidden.

To unhide a worksheet, right-click on any visible tab on the worksheet, and then click Unhide. In the Unhide dialog box, click the sheet you want to unhide, and then click OK.

Unhide sheet

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