What you need to know about Word 2007

Man offering a present: (c) Royalty-Free/Corbis Looking to learn more about Microsoft Office Word 2007? You're in the right place. Whether you're new to Word 2007 or you want to use it better, here's what you need. Video demos, training courses, articles — plenty of good ideas to watch, hear, read, and learn. And they're all free.

Plus there's more to come: New items are being created now, using suggestions by people like you. Check back here to see what we've added, and use the comments links to tell us what you want.

At a loss for Word?

If you're familiar with an older version of Word, but the 2007 version puzzles you, here are guides to show you the way. Or put a tab in Word itself for links to even more.

Try this

What is it?

Word 2007 training

A roadmap to Word 2007 training.

First Word

If 2007 is your first look at Word, you've picked a good place to start. The article will get you going.

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What is it?

Set up a document

An article that describes how to start a new document in Word, and how to get the basics sorted out

Jazzy, snazzy, and pizzazzy Word

Word is full of tools and features for creating knockout documents. You know and love some of these already, but others you may never have heard of. See SmartArt in action, get familiar with Lists, and learn how to add some pizzazz to your documents. People will mark your words!

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What is it?

Demo: Spice up your text with SmartArt graphics

A video demo about the extra color and flare you can get with SmartArt diagrams in your documents

Bullets, numbers, and lists

A free training course covering the ins and outs of bullets, numbers, and lists in Word 2007

Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects

Another free training course, this time all about adding some "visual sparkle" to plain boring documents.

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