What's new in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

Note: This topic is a summary of the new features in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007. It also contains five video demos that show you more details about the new features.

What's new in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

Welcome to Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, the easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program in the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Use OneNote to capture your thoughts and ideas in electronic notebooks, where you can easily organize, search, and share them.

If you've never used OneNote before, this article points you to resources for new users. If you're upgrading from OneNote 2003 to OneNote 2007, this article lists some of the new features that are available in the new version.

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What is OneNote?

What's new in OneNote 2007?

What is OneNote?

OneNote is an electronic version of a paper notebook where you can write down notes, thoughts, ideas, scribbles, reminders, and all kinds of other information. Unlike the traditional document formats used by other programs such as word-processing or spreadsheet programs, OneNote offers a free-form canvas where you can type, write, or draw notes in the form of text, graphics, and images wherever and however you want them.

Unlike notes in a paper notebook, OneNote lets you add, move, and delete anything on its pages and in its sections. You can add more space where and when you need it, and you can stay organized by dragging note items into their own sections or even into multiple notebooks. You can separate and organize your notes by subjects or projects, or keep separate notebooks for different places and interests.

OneNote is easy to use, and it doesn't force everyone to work in the same way.

What's new in OneNote 2007?

Enhanced notebook management

The Navigation Bar in OneNote (closed view)   The Navigation Bar in OneNote (open view)

1. Expand/Collapse Navigation Bar

2. Notebook Names

3. Unfiled Notes

4. All Notebooks

  • Multiple notebooks    Keep all your notes and research in one notebook, or create several notebooks to organize information by subject or location. For example, you can keep a separate notebook for your work notes and one for your personal notes. Create additional notebooks whenever you want, for projects, for school, even for seasonal events.

  • Easier notebook navigation    Quickly display all of your notebooks, pages, sections, and folders for easy access, and then hide them again to save space on your screen. Use your mouse to drag pages, sections, and notebooks and organize them in any way you like.

  • Fast search    The search capabilities in OneNote are more powerful than ever. Use a familiar search interface to find anything in your notes in mere seconds, even across multiple sections, section groups, and notebooks.

  • Multiple computer support    Access your OneNote notebooks from any computer, whether you are at home, at work, at school, or on the go. Just place the notebook file in a network location that each computer can access, and then open the notebook from its shared location.

Improved note-taking capabilities

  • Send Web pages to OneNote    Gathering research on the Web is easier than ever. Send content on Web pages directly from Windows Internet Explorer to OneNote, where you can easily annotate, search, reuse, and share the information.

  • Hyperlinked notes    Create your own table of contents for any notebook section by creating hyperlinks that take you to other pages in your notebook. Just right-click anywhere in your notes, and create a hyperlink to that paragraph to easily cross-reference information across multiple sections or even notebooks.

  • File attachments    You can insert files right onto your notes pages and keep information for projects together in one place. Imported files can be annotated in OneNote and are stored as attachments in your notebooks.

  • Tables    Create and format tables in OneNote to organize and arrange information in the same ways that you have come to rely on in other Microsoft Office programs. You can add and remove rows, columns, and cells with speed and ease.

  • Drawing tools    When typed or handwritten notes don't convey an idea that you are trying to capture, use the new drawing tools in OneNote to sketch out what you are trying to visualize. Easily draw, rotate, and duplicate lines and shapes right on the page.

  • Calculator    Perform simple calculations ("napkin math") while you take notes without leaving the page.

  • Text recognition in pictures    OneNote can recognize text contained in images that you inserted in your notes. When you search your notebook for names of people and places, OneNote displays images that contain the text (for example, a scanned business card) in the search results list.

New ways to share your notes

  • Shared notebooks    Literally keep your team on the same page and easily work together on the same notes by creating notebooks in a shared network location. Use shared notebooks for active collaboration with other people, or as an up-to-date information repository that everyone can contribute to.

  • Automatic notebook synchronization    OneNote automatically synchronizes and merges changes that different authors made to pages by using a shared notebook — even when a network connection is temporarily interrupted. This lets you focus on your ideas instead of complicated networking tasks.

  • Save notes in a variety of formats    You can share all your notes, even with people who don't have OneNote. You can e-mail notes pages or publish entire notebooks to a Web site.

Better integration with Outlook

  • Stay organized throughout the day    Associate your OneNote pages with Office Outlook 2007 to better manage your meetings and contacts.

  • Send e-mail to OneNote    Easily export your Outlook e-mail messages to OneNote, and keep important information all in one place.

  • Integrate notes with Outlook tasks    Flag important notes in OneNote and then synchronize them with Outlook Tasks and reminders to help you stay on top of important work items.

Office document support

  • When you don't want to link to information that is stored elsewhere, you can easily insert Office Word documents, Office Excel workbooks, and Office PowerPoint presentations in your notes and annotate their content. Inserted files are automatically stored as attachments in OneNote.

Improved handwriting and Tablet PC support

  • Lasso selection    Use the Lasso selection mode in OneNote with your Tablet PC pen to quickly and accurately select ink strokes for easier formatting or conversion to text.

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