What's new in Connections V2 iOS App?

Home tab

The Home tab was redesigned to help you find the most important performance information:

  • Accomplishments

    View the visits generated, sign-ups, and offers redeemed because of your email campaigns

  • Recent campaigns

    Any active campaigns you sent in the last 7 days are listed. If you have not sent any campaigns in the last 7 days, your most recent campaign will be displayed. The campaign information listed includes specific metrics and averages to help you gauge how successful your campaign was and how it compares to your segment or subscriber average (if available).

  • Subscriber growth over the last 30 days

    View an overview of your subscriber growth and how subscribers were added and removed

Campaign tab

Your campaigns are now listed in the campaigns tab, and you can use the filter to choose between sent and draft campaigns. You can resume editing a draft campaign from this list.

Campaign creation improvements

You now have more options to customize your campaigns. You can have an accent color as well as bold, italic, and underline text. An additional campaign type has been added as well.

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