What’s in the Power BI app

Note   This article applies to the Power BI for Windows app for the previous Power BI experience (commonly called Power BI for Office 365), and not to the new Power BI experience. Try the new Power BI. Read about the new Power BI for Windows app.

The Microsoft Power BI for Windows app has several new features.


The Power BI for Windows app now displays the favorites you set in your My Power BI site. If you’re running Windows 8.1, this update will automatically combine your favorite reports in the app with your favorites in your My Power BI site.

Important   If you have a favorite report in the Power BI app that isn’t enabled on the Power BI site, we can’t automatically add it to your My Power BI site favorites. If a favorite report is missing after the automatic upgrade, make sure the report is enabled on the Power BI site, then try to make it a favorite again.


Forecast your data in Power View in HMTL5 and the Power BI app in a line chart with a single line over a time series. Select the line chart, then double-tap the arrow pointing to the right.

Forecast handle for Power View in HTML5
Forecast handle


Line charts now have tooltips.

Bar and column charts show data labels.


Maps can show multiple series of data, so not just dots but also pie charts of various sizes on maps.

Drill down in maps.

More about maps in Power View.


Power View Multiples

  • Sort order    Multiples are in the order they were in when you last saved the report. You can’t change it in the Power BI app.

  • Highlighting    Selecting values in multiples doesn’t highlight values in other visualizations, but selecting values in other visualizations highlights the same values in the multiples.

  • Drill down    Doesn’t work in multiples in Power View in the Power BI app. Say a multiple has a drill-down field in a report.

    • If you drill down in the multiple in Excel and then save the report, the multiple will be a gray box in the Power BI app.

    • If you save the report without drilling down, the Power BI app displays the multiples.

    • In the Power BI app, you can’t drill down into multiples.

  • Multiples can contain maps   .

More about multiples in Power View.

Already in the Power BI app

Take advantage of Windows 8.1 capabilities

  • 50/50 split screen.

  • Higher DPI.

  • Improved performance.


Table and matrix

  • Scroll, and load more data while scrolling.

  • Font and column sizes are optimized for touch. You may have to scroll more than in Excel.

  • Drill down and back up in a matrix.

  • Formatting for flat tables.

  • Double-click column borders to resize columns in a table or matrix.

Column, bar, line, scatter, bubble, and pie charts

Includes clustered, stacked, and 100% stacked column and bar charts.

  • Highlight and filter.

  • Select legend values.

  • Data labels in scatter and bubble charts.

  • Data tooltips for bar, column, scatter, bubble, and pie charts.

  • Tooltips for other design elements: title, legend, axis labels.

  • Drill down and back up in column and bar charts.

  • Formatting for charts.


Tiles with text or images as tabs in the navigation strip. Tiles with images and text as tabs show only the image on the tab. The navigation strip can go across the top or the bottom of the tiles.

Tiles act a little differently in the Power BI app than they do in Power View in Excel:

  • They start with all tiles selected.

  • Selecting in charts in a tile filters and highlights only visualizations in the tile, not on the rest of the page.

More about tiles in Power View.



  • View-level filters.

  • Text states the current filters.

  • List filters for individual fields can contain various data types, including numbers, dates, and text.

  • Check or erase one or all values.

  • Check-boxes show if you’ve filtered all, none, or some of the values in a field.

  • Include or exclude (for example, “Is Blue and Red” or “Is not Orange”).

  • Numeric slider: You can view the end points of a range filter, but not edit them.

  • Filter dates with a date picker.


  • Displays existing sort order.

  • Sort data in charts.



Select multiple values in a visualization.


The Power BI app is now available in nine languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Chinese Simplified

  • Chinese Traditional

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

Note   Localization is a work in progress. Some text may still be in English.

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