What is My Office Online?

Signing in to My Office Online allows you to customize your experience on Office Online and contribute to the Office Online community. The free benefits include:

My Microsoft Office Products

By letting us detect the products you have installed, or manually selecting your own a list of products, you can get search results tailored to your list of products and browse quickly for relevant help and how-to content, training courses, demos, and quizzes. We will remember your list of products, so that any time you return to Office Online, you can navigate quickly to the content you want for your versions.

Community-Submitted Templates

Are you the proud creator of the greatest Microsoft Office templates ever? By signing in you can submit your own Microsoft Office templates and make them available to all Office Online users. Submitting templates is easy, and you can update your template profile any time.

Outlook Calendar Sharing Service

You can use the Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar Sharing Service to share your calendars with coworkers, friends, and family. You have control over who can view your calendar and for how long. There is no cost for this service, and you can change your settings any time.

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