What is Lync Windows Store app?

Lync Windows Store app is a communications tool optimized for touchscreen PCs running Windows 8 and Windows RT. You can use the touch gestures, such as tap, pinch, stretch, slide, and swipe− to navigate the app, and send instant messages, make voice and video calls, or join Lync Meetings.

You need to have a Lync account to use Lync Windows Store app. If you’re not sure whether your company uses Lync, contact your support team.

Benefits of Lync Windows Store app

In addition to supporting touch gestures, Lync Windows Store app provides a photo-centric experience for your communications. Pictures in conversation windows are more prominent, so you feel more like you’re actually in conversation with the other person. You can even use handwriting in instant messages to further personalize the experience.

On the Lync home screen, “favorite” contact tiles display large pictures, and if a user has created a personal note, the display alternates between the contact’s picture and the note, so images and details about your closest contacts are always right at hand.

Screen shot of Lync home page

Windows 8.1 also provides side-by-side views of apps, so you can work in Lync and other programs at the same time. Run Lync side-by-side other apps at any window size, to keep an eye on your upcoming Lync Meetings and conversations, while working in other programs.

Screen shot of Lync side by side view

What’s new in Lync Windows Store app

These features are available with the latest updates, which you can install from Windows Store.

  • Access more about your meetings    Use the new Meetings screen to view details about all the meetings you have on the current and next day and choose which meeting you want to join when more than one is scheduled for the same time. You can still join your next meeting from the Join Lync Meeting tile on the home screen. For details, see Join and exit a Lync Meeting.

  • Do more with side-by-side view    Make calls, view contact information, start conversations, and see contacts’ presence all while working on other apps. For details, see Use side by side view.

  • Join meetings anonymously    Join a Lync Meeting from the Lync app even if your credentials don’t work for that meeting or if you don’t have a Lync account. For details, see Join and exit a Lync Meeting.

  • Browse someone else’s shared slides    During a PowerPoint presentation in a Lync Meeting, move forward and back through the slides without changing what everyone else is seeing. For details, see View and present content in a Lync Meeting.

  • Take over as presenter for someone else’s shared slides   During a PowerPoint presentation in a Lync Meeting, present a PowerPoint file that someone else has started sharing. For details, see View and present content in a Lync Meeting.

  • Take control of a sharing session     Request control of a shared desktop or program that was started by another presenter. For details, see View and present content in a Lync Meeting.

  • Click a phone number to make a call    Make a call by clicking a phone number when the phone number appears as a link. (Not available for Office 365 users.)

  • Change the speed of voice-mail playback    Slow down messages to make them easier to understand or speed them up to more quickly get to the part you want to hear. For details, see Check voice mail.

  • Answer audio and video calls on the lock screen    Answer calls quickly, without having to unlock and login to your device.

  • Improved high-contrast support     Choose any high-contrast Windows theme to make Lync easier to see.

  • Manage meeting participants individually or as a group. You can mute a participant, send a private IM, view their contact card, promote to presenter or demote to an attendee. You can also invite more participants, mute all audience, and admit people who are waiting in the lobby to join the meeting.

  • Easily access conversation controls when you are in a call or meeting. All the controls are right at the bottom of the screen, which you can use to quickly mute/unmute your audio, view the participants, start or stop your video, or leave the conversation.

  • Use the new Meet Now feature to quickly start an impromptu meeting and collaborate on a subject that requires immediate attention- without having to schedule a meeting in advance.

  • Pin your Meetings List as a tile to your Start screen to easily see your meeting schedule.

  • Pin the Join/Meet Now tile to your Start screen to quickly join scheduled meetings or start a new Lync meeting.

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Applies To: Lync 2013

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