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Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 only.

Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 makes it easier to manage your financial information, leaving you with more time to focus on your business. This topic describes the new and enhanced features in Office Accounting 2008.

New features

  • Start your company by using a business template    When you set up a new company in Office Accounting 2008, you can select a business template to make the process simpler. The template preconfigures initial company settings and creates specific accounts that are typical for a particular type of business. Office Accounting 2008 includes a number of prefigured business templates. You can also create your own template by exporting the settings of an existing company. For more information, see Company Setup: options and information.

  • Use the Resource Center    The Resource Center is a central location where you can find links to Web sites about Office Accounting; general information about accounting and running a small business; and Web sites where you can check for updates and submit feedback. For more information, see About the Resource Center.

  • *Create a budget    Use new features in Accounting 2008 to create budgets where you can make profitability projections for a fiscal period. You can also run reports that compare your projections to actual results. For more information, see Create or edit a budget.

  • *View documents to process    Use the new Documents to Process List to see a summary of all the recurring documents that should be processed based on reminders that you set. You can use the list to record documents, edit a recurring document, or change the reminder criteria for a document. For more information, see Manage recurring documents.

  • Download one-way online banking transactions directly into Accounting 2008    Use the Set Up Online Banking wizard to link one-way (Web connect) online bank accounts to Accounting 2008 accounts and then download online transactions directly into Accounting 2008. For more information, see Download bank transactions.

  • Synchronize online payees with Accounting 2008 vendors    Synchronize online payees that you have set up with your bank with vendors in Accounting 2008. For more information, see Sync online payees to Office Accounting vendors.

Improved features

  • *Take advantage of purchasing enhancements    Track inventory to know when on-hand quantities have fallen below the minimum that you want to keep in stock. Use the Reorder Inventory dialog box to create purchase orders to reorder items based on criteria you set. For more information, see Select items to reorder.

  • *Create purchase orders from sales orders    Save time by creating purchase orders directly from sales orders. For more information, see Create a purchase order from a sales order.

  • Easily import data into Accounting 2008    Import your company records and transactions into Accounting 2008 by using preformatted Microsoft Office Excel workbooks. These workbooks are provided with Accounting 2008, and allow you to import your data efficiently and accurately without having to map items manually. For more information, see Import data from Microsoft Office Excel.

  • *Access Accountant View from within Accounting 2008    You can now easily open Accountant View by using the File menu in Accounting 2008. For more information, see Open Accountant View.

  • Open Microsoft Office Access and PivotTable reports from within Accounting 2008    Open preconfigured Access and PivotTable reports directly from the Reports home page. With these reports, you can extract meaningful information from your data. You can also create new reports that suit your company requirements. For more information, see About Microsoft Office Accounting Analysis Tools.

  • Automatically enter preferred vendor information on documents    Accounting 2008 now automatically copies the preferred-vendor information that you entered on item records into vendor documents such as *purchase orders, bills, and item receipts. For more information, see About preferred vendors.

  • Print status watermarks on your documents    You now have the option to print status watermarks—for example, Paid or Not Paid—on documents that you send to customers. For more information, see Print dialog box: options and information.

  • *Send multiple documents to customers and vendors in e-mail    In Accounting 2008, you can perform a bulk e-mail operation to send recipients multiple documents, such as invoices or purchase orders. You can insert documents in the message body, or you can attach them as Microsoft Office Word or PDF files. For more information, see Manage cover letter text for documents sent in e-mail.

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