Viewing and using a person's Contact Card

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While the Presence icon shows a contact's availability, the Contact Card shows additional information about the person and provides mechanisms for reaching that person, including controls for making calls, scheduling a meeting, sending e-mail, or starting an IM conversation. The Contact Card can also provide Calendar information about a contact, contact phone numbers, and free/busy information. The level of information on a person's Contact Card is dependent upon the <Access Level> that the contact has granted you to their presence information.

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View a person's Contact Card

Use a Contact Card to reach a person

View a person's Contact Card

  • To view a person's Contact Card, click the person's presence icon in the Contacts list. The Contact Card flies out and displays to the right or left of the contact line, depending on the location of the Communicator 2007 window.

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Use a Contact Card to reach a person

Use the additional information and the buttons available on the Contact Card to reach a contact.

  • To call a contact at their preferred number, click the Phone icon.

  • To call the contact at an alternate phone number, click the Phone down arrow and then select the number or name.

  • To add a Conversation subject, type a subject in the Type a conversation subject box. To add an Importance flag to the call, click click the Importance button to the right of the conversation subject box.

  • To select the Preferred Calling Device (this is the device you use to call out to contacts) click the Phone down arrow, select the Preferred Calling Device, and then click a name or number to make the call.

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