View your plan's progress

In Planner, every plan has a Board and a Charts view. The Charts view shows how your plan is progressing, with details about what’s done, in progress, not started, and late.

Charts view navigation

Which tasks are running late?

Choose the Late progress box, at the bottom left, to see the list of tasks on the right, sorted by progress.

Filtering by progress

Tip: You can also sort the task list by choosing Group by.

Who's overloaded?

While you can't see if someone has more work assigned than they have time for, you can see if one person has more tasks than everyone else. The bars on the Charts view show the number of tasks each person has in the plan, color-coded by progress.

Plan member workloads

In this example, Bonnie has a lot of late tasks (red), one in-progress task that's on track (blue), and one task she hasn't started yet (yellow).

If you choose the red section of Bonnie's bar, you can see she has five late tasks.

Point to a bar to see details

Alex, on the other hand, doesn't have as many tasks assigned to him and seems to be on track. It may make sense to see if Alex could pick up some of Bonnie's work, to get the plan back on track.

To reassign work, you can select the overloaded person's bar to filter the task list, and then select a task to change who it's assigned to. You can also use the Board to reassign work.

What can I see on the Board?

The Board offers a more detailed look at your plan's organization and progress.

Board navigation

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