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Read about the privacy options you might want to use. Some privacy options affect what information and files are downloaded from or sent to Microsoft. Other options can help you protect your privacy when you share files with other people. Some of these privacy options might not be available, depending on which Office program you’re using.

  1. Click File > Options.

  2. Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Privacy Options.

  3. Go to the next section to read a description of each privacy option.

Privacy Options

  • Send personal information to Microsoft to make improvements to Office.

    When you check this box, you are helping to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Microsoft. Microsoft automatically collects information from your computer, including error messages and hardware and software information. Any information that is sent to Microsoft is anonymous. This information isn’t used in advertising or sales in any way.

  • Let Office connect to Microsoft's online services to provide functionality that’s relevant to your location and preferences.

    When you check this box, you allow Microsoft to collect information about your use of the online services and sites provided by Microsoft and its partners. This setting enables use of the translation options available in the Research & Reference sections.

Document-specific settings

  • Remove personal information from file properties on Save

    This option is turned off in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word and turned on for Publisher and SharePoint Designer.

    For the programs with the option turned on, the option is available only if you are working with a document created in an earlier version of Office, and you used this option in that version to remove personal information. To remove personal information from this document, click Inspect Document.

Research and Reference

  • Translate Options

    Use Translate Options to choose settings for online bilingual dictionaries and machine translation. The options in this dialog box are available only if you check the Let Office connect to Microsoft's online services to provide functionality that’s relevant to your location and preferences box under Privacy Options.

  • Research Options

    Use Research Options to activate multilingual reference book and research site services.

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