View details of import errors (Excel)

The Import Data Wizard validates the data that you are importing from Microsoft Office Excel into Microsoft Office Accounting before the actual import operation begins. You can use the Error Details dialog box to view the errors that were discovered during the validation process and then open your Excel workbook to correct the errors. The Error Details dialog box displays the reason for the error and its location on the worksheet.

Note: The dialog box contains a tab for each worksheet on which errors were identified.

  1. On the Data validation - errors found page of the Import Data Wizard, click View Errors.

  2. In the Errors table, select an error. The location of the error on the worksheet is highlighted in the Import Data table.

  3. Click Resolve Errors.

  4. Correct the errors on the Office Excel worksheet.

  5. Save and close the workbook.

  6. In the Error Details dialog box, click Close. You are returned to the Data validation - errors found page of the wizard.

  7. Click Revalidate.

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