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View Skype for Business Online user settings

You can view Skype for Business Online settings for one or more users.

View settings

How to

One user (all settings)

Click the user’s name. The right pane shows all their settings.

Multiple users (settings common to all users)

Press and hold the Ctrl key, and then click the names you want. The right pane shows the settings shared by everyone you selected.

You can also filter, search, and sort the user list.


How to


Click View users Filter, and then choose the type of users you want to see.


Click one of these column headings: Display name, User name, or Location.


Click Search Search, and then type a display name, user name, or phone number in the search box.

Important   To search or sort all users, make sure View users is set to All.

Applies To: Office 365 Admin, Office 365 Small Business Admin, Skype for Business Online, Skype for Business Online admin center, Skype for Business

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