View Data Sources using the Manage Data Portal

When you share a query, the data source connection information, or metadata, is stored in the Data Catalog, a cloud-based metadata repository of Power BI for Office 365. With the Manage Data portal, it's easily to view, sort, and filter data sources. The data sources list displays information about each data source including Name, Status, and Description. With the colored Data Sources Status, you can see that the metadata for a data source is Complete (green), Incomplete (yellow), or Missing (red). To filter the list, you select a show option of my queries data sources or all data sources. By default, this list will show only those data sources used by your shared queries.

The Data Sources list displays the following data source properties:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Location

  • Description

  • Modified data

  • Modified by

    Important    You can only view and manage data sources in the Power BI Data Catalog; you cannot delete a data source from the Data Catalog.

data sources

You can view data sources in the following three ways:

  • In the Manage Data portal, in the left pane, click data sources.

  • In Power Query, while sharing a query or updating a shared query, click the View in portal link in the Share Query or Update Query dialog box. For information about sharing or updating a query, see Share queries in the Power BI Data Catalog and View and Update Your Shared Queries.

  • In Power Query, while requesting access to a data source, in the drop-down list next to the data source name, click View in portal. For information about requesting access to a data source see, Request Access to Internal Data Sources.

View Lync Presence Information in the Manage Data Portal

The data sources list also displays the Lync presence information of a user in the Modified By column in the data source list. The Lync presence information of a user includes availability and additional notes about the user such as location and status, and how the user can be contacted. The Lync presence information enables users to approach colleagues at the right time with the right form of communication, which leads to a more productive work environment.

Important    If the Lync presence information is not available in the data source list, contact your IT department about this. The IT department can define a group policy to add the Manage Data portal to the Local Intranet zone in your organization to facilitate Lync presence information for the users in the portal. Alternatively, a user can add the portal to the Trusted Sites zone in the Security tab of Internet Options dialog box (Tools\Internet Options menu) for Internet Explorer on his/her local computer. You might also see a message in your browser prompting you to run “NameCtrl Class” (Lync status control), if the Manage Data portal is not added to the Trusted Sites zone.

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