Video: Setting up automatic replies and inbox rules in Outlook

Set up automatic replies, set a time range, use rules to manage your inbox while you’re out, and create different out-of-office messages for different groups, whether or not you're using Microsoft Exchange. If you prefer to skip the video and go straight to written instructions, see Send automatic out of office replies from Outlook.

Set up automatic replies

Create, edit, and turn off out-of-office messages, set a time range for them to run, and set different messages for different groups. You’ll need a work or school account to use these features of Microsoft Exchange. (3:09)

Outlook 2013

Rules to keep your inbox organized while you’re away

Use automatic reply rules to manage your inbox. Move messages from specific people or using specific keywords to different folders, forward them to other people, or send them directly to the recycle bin. (3:39)

Outlook 2013

Use automatic replies without Exchange

Set up out-of-office messages even if you don’t use Microsoft Exchange. Save an email message as a template, then create an Outlook rule to send it to anyone who writes to you while you’re away. (3:38)

Outlook 2013

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