Manage contacts & to-do's on a Mac

Search for tasks on a Mac

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Within tasks, you can use filters to find the tasks you are looking for.

Filter Tasks

  1. Select Home > Tasks > Filter Tasks Tasks .

  2. Select an option:

    • Due Date – shows tasks to be completed by a specific day.

    • Start Date – shows tasks that started on specific day.

    • Overdue – shows tasks that are overdue.

    • Completed – shows completed tasks.

    • High Priority – shows high priority items.

    • Unread – shows tasks that have not been opened yet.

    • Clear All Filters – clears all filters so you see all of your Tasks.

      You can handle many of the items, even email items directly from Tasks. For example, an email message that contains a High Priority task, can be answered from Tasks by selecting Reply, Reply All, or Forward. Once completed, you can mark the task completed. You can select the checkbox next to the email message or select Mark Complete Mark Complete .

    • Due Today - to see tasks which are due today.

    • High Priority - to see all the high priority tasks.

    • Overdue - to see overdue tasks.

    • Recently Completed - to see recently completed tasks.

  3. To see your complete task list, select Filter Tasks Tasks and then select Clear All Filters.
    Clear All Filter

  4. To find tasks based on their status, you can also select Smart Folders and choose:

    • Due Today -  To see tasks which are due today.

    • High Priority - To see all the high priority tasks.

    • Overdue - To see overdue tasks.

    • Recently Completed - To see recently completed tasks.

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Outlook makes it easy to see what tasks you have to do right now. I'm in my Tasks and I'm going to filter the view and use Smart Folders to see what I need to accomplish.

On the right hand side in the Home Ribbon toolbar, I can filter the view by clicking Filter Tasks and adding filters for how I want to see my data.

For example, if I only wanna see my high priority tasks, I can click High Priority.

I can then see that there's an email that looks really important that I need to get out.

The great thing about tasks is that many of them, including email items, can be handled directly from Tasks.

For example, here's an email, I can click Reply right in Tasks themselves and answer this.

I can click send and now that I've followed up on that email, I can then either place a checkbox next to their email, or click Mark Complete.

The task gets marked as completed and I can see that I replied to it.

If you don't see your tasks showing up and you know they should be, make sure that you don't have a filter applied.

If you have a filter applied, you can select Clear All Filters and you'll be brought back to your complete task list.

You can also use Smart Folders on the left hand side.

For example, you can see any task that's due today, you can see all your high priority tasks, you can see all your overdue tasks, and you can also see any tasks that have been recently completed.

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