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OneDrive basics

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Use the OneDrive navigation pane, file list, and toolbar to view and work with your files.

Navigation pane
  • Select the Files, Recent, and Shared with me links to see how that changes what you see in the file list.

  • Select Discover to see what's trending around you, based on who you work with and what you're working on.

  • If you belong to Groups, select a group to see files related to that group.

  • Use the toolbar to Search for files, create New files and folders, Upload files, and Sync them.

  • Select Sort OneDrive for Business Sort button to change how you'd like to view your files.

  • Select View OneDrive for Business View button to change the view.

  • Select Information OneDrive for Business Information button to check recent activity on your files.

  • Select a file and choose what you'd like to do with it: Open, Share, Get a link, Download, Delete

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In OneDrive, there are three areas to help you view and work with your files: the navigation pane, the file list, and the toolbar.

Click a link in the navigation pane to change what you see in the file list.

In the toolbar, you can Search for files, create New folders and documents, and Upload files.

You can also sort files and change the view.

To work with a file, select it, and then choose what you'd like to do.

The toolbar also let's you check recent activity on a file.

Give it a try. Explore the navigation pane, file list and tool bar to view and work with your files.

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