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Learn how to get a head start on your Inbox with Outlook on a mobile device. With Outlook, you're all set to work on your email from wherever you are, using your smartphone. Watch the video to see how this works on an iPhone, and scroll down to see how to perform this task on any mobile device that runs Outlook.

The following procedure describes how to perform tasks on a mobile device.

To manage your Inbox on a mobile device

  1. From Outlook, tap Focused to see your high-priority emails.

  2. Tap Filter, then tap Unread to see just the messages you haven't read yet.

  3. Swipe right to archive a message. This marks the message as read, and moves it to your email's Archive folder.

  4. Swipe left to schedule a message. This holds the message until the time you select. The message will appear in your Inbox at the time you selected with its original timestamp.

While I’m waiting for my morning coffee order, I’m going to get a head start on my inbox, using Outlook on my phone.

I’m using an iPhone, and Outlook on Android devices works much the same way.

I’ve just got a few minutes, so I’ll check my Focused inbox, where I prioritize my most important emails.

The first thing I do is Filter my inbox to just see the messages I haven’t read yet.

I tap Filter, then tap Unread.

Now I can easily left swipe to archive messages, or right swipe to mark messages to look at later when I have more time.

When I get to the office, my clean Inbox is waiting for me.

And my scheduled messages show up, right when I asked.

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