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Learn how to view teammates' schedules to choose the best time for a meeting.

The following procedure is optimized for Outlook on a computer running Windows.

To view a teammate's schedule
  1. From Outlook, select New Meeting or New Skype Meeting.

  2. Select Click here to add a name and enter the name of the person who's schedule you wish to view.

  3. To schedule a meeting with that person, select a time on the timeline when you both are free, and select Appointment to write and send the invitation.

Even though my team works in several different time zones, I can use Outlook to quickly find a time when we’re all available for a Skype meeting.

In my Outlook calendar, I select New Skype Meeting, and then select Scheduling Assistant.

When I enter names into the attendees list, I see that person’s meeting schedule, and their work hours, whatever time zone they’re in.

I can even see when everyone on the list is free in the Suggested times pane.

Once I’ve selected a good time for the meeting, I select Appointment to write and send the invitation.

I see Tony has set an Out of Office message. He won’t be available.

But his message lets me know I can contact Sara with any questions in his absence.

So I select Scheduling Assistant again, and add her to the list.

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