Manage your email on a Mac

Create and send email on a Mac

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You can create and send a new email message, format the text, attach files and pictures, save a draft, and check to make sure your email was sent.

Create, format, and send a message

  1. Select Home > New Email.

  2. If you have more than one email account, in From:, select the email account you want to send the message from.

  3. In To:, type a name or an email address. You can add multiple names or email addresses.
    If you do not know a person's email address but it's in you People List or Address List, select the icon to the far right, and:

    • In the Search People box, enter the name of the person you are looking for.

    • Select the name from the results.

    • Select which line you want to add it to: To, CC, or Bcc.

    • Select X to close the Search People box.

  4. Type the Subject.

  5. Type your message in the body of the email.

  6. To format the text, click and drag to select the text. Then use the font, font size, bold, italics, underline, color, and other features to format it, just like you would in Word.

  7. Select Attach File or Pictures to attach a file or a picture to the email.

    Note: Some attachments are too big to send over mail, so check the file size on the attachment line. To Delete an attachment, place the cursor by the attachment and press the Delete key.

  8. Select Send to send right away.
    Or, select Save to save the message as a draft.

Edit and send a draft

  1. Select the Drafts folder.

  2. Double-click the email.

  3. Make the changes you want.

  4. Select Send.

Check Sent Items

  1. To check if the email message was successfully sent, select the Sent Items.

  2. Look for the email message.

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Outlook 2016 for Mac Quick Start Guide

To create a New Email, from the Home ribbon tab, click the New Email button.

I'll expand this so that you can see it a little better.

If it doesn't fill up enough of the screen, you can hover your mouse over the edge of the email, and click and drag to the right.

The first thing you need to decide if you have more than one email account set up on Outlook, is which account it's going to be sent from. By default, I was in a Landon Hotel folder, so the from email is going to Landon Hotel.

However, I can change that from the drop down.

I'll keep it as Landon Hotel for now. And then I'm gonna put my cursor in the to field.

Now, I can start typing. If they're in my contact list, I can type a name.

Or, I can simply start typing an email address.

I'll select this name, and I can add multiple names.

I could keep going.

If I don't know the person's email address, but I know it's in my People list or Address list, I can click the icon to the far right of the to field.

It's going to bring up a search box, in which I can put the name of the person I'm looking for.

If it comes up with a result, I can select their name, and on the bottom right hand side, I can decide whether that name is going to be populated into the to field, the Cc field of the email, or the Bcc field, which is blind carbon copy. I'll click To....

I can see that it got inserted into the email. Then I can close out of this dialogue boX by clicking the X in the top left hand corner.

If I wanna remove an email from being sent, I can use the arrow keys on my keyboard to navigate to the email address or name that I wanna remove, and hit the Delete key on my keyboard.

Now, I can start typing a subject for the email. What's the email about? Once I'm done with a good subject, I can put the cursor in the body of the email, and start typing.

When I've got my text, I can click and drag to highlight my text, and format it just like I could if it was in a Word document.

For example, I can change the font.

I can change the size of the font. I can make it bold-faced or italicized. I can even change the color of it.

I can make it centered. I can make it bulleted.

And I can even indent it. I can attach pictures to the email, or I can also attach a file, and the file can be a picture.

I'll click the paper clip icon to attach a file.

And now I'm gonna browse my file system to find a picture that I wanna insert.

I'll find a picture of our guest rooms and click the blue Choose button.

It certainly doesn't have to be a photo.

You can attach anything.

I can see that there's now a paperclip icon associated with the email.

Here's my attachment, and I can see the file size of it.

Remember, the larger the attachment, the longer it will take to send via email.

In fact, if it's too big, the email server may reject it outright.

So if you're having trouble sending an email, check and see what the size of your attachment is.

I can Delete an attachment the same way I can delete a name from the email, by simply clicking the Delete key while the cursor's blinking next to the attachment.

When I'm done typing my email, I have a few options.

I can Send it immediately by clicking the Send button, or I can also save it as a draft.

I'm going to click the Save button at the top of the screen. It's going to save it into my drafts folder.

Now I can close out of it by clicking the X on the top left hand side.

To find that email to continue working on it again, I'll click the Drafts folder on the left hand side in the navigation pane.

I remember I was working in the Landon Hotel account, so I know to go looking for it in the Landon Hotel section.

Here's my email. I'm going to double click on it to continue working.

When I'm all done, now I'll click the Send button. I get a sound that means it was sent correctly, it's not listed in my drafts folder anymore, and if I wanna see that it got sent, I can expand my sent items, click on Landon Hotel.

I'll scroll to today's sent messages, and here it is.

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