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Learn how to find out if a coworker is available to answer an IM.

The following procedure is optimized for Outlook on the Web.

To check a teammate's availability

  1. From Outlook mail, select an email from the person you wish to contact.

  2. Check the person's presence indicator (on the left side of their picture) to see if they are available.

    Presence status includes:

    • Green: available

    • Red: busy

    • Yellow: away

    • Gray: offline

  3. Select the person's picture to reveal the Skype for Business quick menu.

  4. Select the icon of the type of message you wish to send.

When I need to contact a teammate, I can quickly find the fastest way to get in touch by using their presence indicator.

For instance, I’ve got a quick question for Garret.

So I select a message he sent me earlier, and check his presence indicator to see if he can talk right now.

His indicator is green, so it looks like he can.

The presence statuses include: available, busy, away, and do not disturb.

Since Garret’s available, I select his picture, to see the Skype for business quick menu.

From here, I can send Garret an email, schedule a meeting with him, or start an IM conversation.

I just have a quick question, so I select the IM button.

I ask my question, and there’s my answer.

A little later, I have a few more questions for Garret.

But now he’s giving a presentation, so his presence is set to do not disturb.

But my questions aren’t urgent, so I just select his picture again, and select the email button to send him a message he can read later.

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