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Get off to a fast start by using PowerPoint themes, that provide ready-made designs with built-in graphics, borders, fonts, and content placeholders. You can also download templates with content, such as awards and certificates.

Select a theme

Themes are ready-made presentation designs with pre-built colors, fonts, and layouts.

  1. Open PowerPoint. Or, if PowerPoint is already open, select File > New.

  2. Select one of the Themes.

  3. Select a color variant.

  4. Browse through More images if you like.

  5. Select Create.

  6. Select a placeholder to start typing.

    The fonts and colors depend on the theme.

  7. On the Home tab, select the New Slide drop-down to view other layouts in this theme.

Select a Template

A template gives you a slide that's pre-made with a design theme and content built right in.

  1. Open PowerPoint. Or, if PowerPoint is already open, select File > New.

  2. Select Search for online templates and themes and type in a keyword, and select the magnifying glass.

    Tip: You can also select one of the Suggested searches just below the search box.

  3. Select a template, and select Create.

    Or, double-click the template.

  4. Select inside the placeholder text to add or change what you'd like.

  5. Select File > Save As, select where you want to save it, type a name, and select Save.

    Now whenever you need it, you can open and make changes to use it again.

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Apply a template to your presentation

Create and save a PowerPoint template

Apply or change a slide layout

Sometimes this plain, boring, blank canvas can be very overwhelming.

It's daunting to see this big white slide and not just fill it with content but with an eye pleasing design.

For this, Power Point gives us Themes.

Themes are ready-made presentation designs with pre-built graphics, borders, and fonts.

There's no pre-built content but the content place holders are all there.

To create a presentation using a theme, on the home ribbon tab, click File and select New on the left hand side.

Now let's choose a theme.

PowerPoint 2016 gives us about 20 Themes to look for.

And you can even look online for more.

Find one that you think is going to give you the best push to get started.

I'm going to choose Retrospect.

There's a few things that we can see when we choose a theme that we like.

The first thing is we can get some choices of color variants.

The second thing that we can do once we choose a color variant is see some more images.

I can browse through all the various content layouts it has.

If I found one that I liked, and I like this one, I'll click Create.

It's going to bring me to one slide.

I can click and slide the content place holder and add my title and subtitle.

You'll notice that the fonts and colors are changing according to how the slide theme went.

In fact, if I click on New Slide, I can see what the different layouts are going to look like in this theme.

I'm going to click File and New again because there's one more thing I want to show you.

While a theme gives us design elements but no content, a template gives us a slide that's pre-made with a design theme and content built right in.

I'm going to click Search for online templates and themes.

I can put in my search.

In this case, I'll put in award, and click the magnifying glass to the right of the box.

And I'm brought to a list of pre-built templates.

These templates are great because they already have content built right into them.

I'm going to double click on this employee performance award.

It's going to download it from the Internet and I can see that I've got some content in here already.

I can click inside this and change the text that I want.

I can add my employee's name that I'm recognizing.

I can put in the name of whoever's giving the certificate.

And I can change the date if I want to.

You'll notice that this template only comes with one slide.

That's all we need for this certificate.

Now I can choose File, Save As.

I can save it to my computer under the name customer service award.

I'll click Save.

Now whenever I need it I can simply open the file, I can come back in here, change the name, change the area, and I have a brand new certificate to give to a different employee.

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