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A fast way to give your slides an attractive, professional look is to apply a theme. You can apply a theme to all slides, or specific slides, for a unique impact.

  1. On the Design tab, hover over the Themes to preview how it looks, and select the one you like.

    Select More Button image to see more Themes.

    By default, the theme you select applies to all slides in your presentation.

  2. In the Variants group, select More Button image to change Colors, Fonts, Effects, and Background Styles.

  3. To apply a theme to only one or a few slides:

    • Select the slide or slides.

    • Right click the theme you want, and select Apply to Selected Slides.

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Change the look and feel of your presentation with themes

It's never too late to apply a theme to a presentation that you're already working on.

In fact, you can even apply a theme to just one slide or have each slide be a completely different theme.

Let's start by applying a theme to our entire presentation.

To do that, click on the Design ribbon tab.

From here you can see a list of themes, and you can see a list of ColorVariants.

I'm going to click on the arrow with the line over it.

It's going to pop out a list of more themes.

If I hover my mouse over each theme, I can get a preview of it live as I change my mouse on each slide.

I can see the color variants and I can click on the down arrow again and hover my mouse while going through the color variants to see the different choices that I have.

In fact, I can even take it a step further and hover my mouse over the word colors to get a complete list of color schemes.

Landon Hotel's color scheme is mainly purple.

So I'm going to focus on these purple themes down below and choose the violet theme.

It changes each one to the retrospect theme with a color variant to it.

Now we've got a nice start.

And in fact, if I go back to the Home ribbon tab and create a new slide, I can see that each layout has been updated to reflect this new color change.

If you don't like what you picked you can change it at any time.

We can go back to the Design tab, pick a theme, and click on it.

However, this time let's change a theme to just one slide.

I'm going to select a slide, and now I can come back and preview the Themes.

I can pick from a list of themes and instead of clicking on it which will change every slide to that theme, I'm going to right click on it.

I can either apply it to all slides, but I'm going to choose Apply to Selected Slides.

This is going to change that theme to just this one particular slide.

It looks very out of place right now so I'm going to choose a variant.

I can hover my mouse over it or I can go back to colors again and choose the VioletTheme.

I'll click on that and now I can see that while it looks different, the color scheme is keeping in line with what we've chosen for our presentation.

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