Use the Document Recovery task pane to recover your Office Starter files

Sometimes an Office Starter program closes unexpectedly before you can save changes. When this happens, two things might occur:

  • The program opens the file so you can continue your work.

  • The Document Recovery task pane appears, with up to three recovered versions of your file. You can identify which version you want to keep.

Use the Document Recovery task pane

When a file closes unexpectedly, sometimes the Document Recovery task pane appears with one to three available files that you can save.

Do the following to work with the Document Recovery pane when it appears.

The document recovery pane, showing a recovered filed in Word.  

For each file, you can select Open, Save As, or Delete.

  1. In the Available files list, click the arrow next to the recovered file.

    • To review the recovered version of the file, click Open.

    • To rename and create a new version the file, click Save As.

    • To delete this recovered version of your file, click Delete.

  2. Save and keep the recovered file that you want.

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