Use input masks to control how dates are entered

Input masks are especially useful for dates because conventions vary in different regions. For example, applying an input mask for the date in the European format (DD-MM-YYYY) means dates can’t be entered in your database in other formats. You can apply an input mask to columns in tables, query result sets, and to controls on forms or reports.

Note:  This article doesn’t apply to Access apps – the new kind of database you design with Access and publish online. See Create an Access app for more information.

If you need to add a Date/Time field to an object, see create a field to store dates and times.

Add an input mask to a table field

  1. Select the Date/Time field, and then in the lower section of the table design grid, on the General tab, click the Input Mask property.

  2. The Input Mask Wizard guides you through selecting an Input Mask format.

  3. To apply the format, click Yes > Save.

You can also apply an input mask in one format and set a different display format. For example, the input mask can to set as YYYY.MM.DD, and the display can be set to, DD-MMM-YYYY.

Read more about creating input masks.

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