Use building blocks to quickly create a publication

Building blocks are reusable pieces of content such as business information, headings, calendars, borders, and advertisements that are stored in galleries. You can access and reuse the building blocks at any time. You can also create and save your own building blocks, categorize, write a description, and tag them with keywords to make them easy to find. These custom building blocks can be a combination of graphics, text, and even other building blocks.

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Building block galleries

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Building block galleries

Four of the five building block galleries are found on the Insert tab, in the Building Blocks group and the fifth, Business Information, is found in the Text group.
Building Blocks group in Publisher 2010

The five galleries contain:

  • Page Parts: This gallery is for pre-formatted structural elements for your publication such as headings, sidebars, and stories.

  • Calendars: This gallery is for pre-formatted monthly calendars. You can select the current or next month from the gallery, or select the month and year from the gallery from the Building Block Library.

  • Borders & Accents : This gallery is for graphic elements such for adding borders, emphasis, and frames.

  • Advertisements : This gallery is for pre-formatted advertisement elements, including coupons.

  • Business Information : This gallery contains your Business Information sets. For more information on Business Information, please see:Business Information, Design Checker, and Commercial Print Settings.

Insert a building block from a gallery

  1. In the Page Navigation pane, select the page in your publication where you want to insert the building block.

  2. On the Insert tab in the Building Blocks group, click the appropriate building block gallery.

  3. Scroll to find a building block, or click the More <gallery name> to open the Building Block Library.

  4. Click to insert the desired building block and then move and resize the building block to fit your need.

Create a building block

You can create your own building blocks in addition to the ones that come with Publisher.

  1. Create an element or group of elements that you want to be able to reuse, such as an image or a border.

  2. Right-click in the element and select Save as Building Block.

  3. In the Create New Building Block dialog, enter the information about the building block:

    • Title: A name for the building block.

    • Description: Optional description of the building block’s purpose.

    • Gallery : Select which of the five galleries in which to place your building block.

    • Show in Gallery : This check-box determines if the building block will be available in the gallery. This is checked by default and un-checked this building block while in the building block library it will not appear in the gallery.

    • Category: You can select one of the pre-built categories for the gallery, or type in a new category name.

    • Keywords – You can enter your own keywords to make searching for building blocks easier.

  4. Click OK to save your building block.

Tip    Custom building blocks are saved as a PBB file in \Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Publisher Building Blocks. The AppData folder is hidden by default.

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Applies To: Publisher 2013, Publisher 2010

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