Use audio in a Lync Meeting

When you join a Lync meeting you can decide which type of audio to use and depending on your choice, you’ll have different options and audio controls.

If you’re using computer audio (mic and speakers), pause on the phone/mic icon in the meeting to access the controls:

  • Click Mute if you’re not speaking.

  • To put the call on hold, click Hold Call.

  • To change your audio device, click the Devices tab, and pick the device you want.

  • Click the Transfer Call tab, and choose one of the numbers to transfer the call to.

For example, if you need to leave your office, but want to stay in the meeting, you can transfer the audio to your cell phone and continue listening to the meeting.

  • Use the Dial Pad tab to interact with the phone systems, such as entering a code, when you call your voice mailbox.

    Tip:  To quickly mute your audio, just click the Microphone icon.

Screenshot of audio options

If you used the Call me feature (Lync calls you), or dialed in to the meeting audio with a phone, press *1 on your phone key pad to access the meeting help system. You can control your audio with the touch-tone commands, such as mute, unmute, and other commands.

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