Use an email alias in Outlook 2016 for Mac

An alias is an alternate email address for an existing email account. It uses the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as the primary account but allows you to sort and send mail according to alias.

Why would you want to use an alias? An alias can be a shorter version of a long email address. The shorter version is easier for you to communicate and easier for people to remember. For example, a full email address might be By creating an alias called luciah, the shorter address would be

Aliases are also useful when you participate in multiple activities and want to sort your email accordingly. For example, let's say Lucia is active in both a community service project and swim team. She could create aliases for each—LuciaFoodBank and LuciaSwim—receive all email in one inbox, but send mail from the alias corresponding with the project.

You can't create aliases in Outlook 2016 for Mac but can add aliases that you created elsewhere.

Add an alias

Adding an alias is similar to adding any other email account. The key is to change the name of the incoming server to prevent duplicate inboxes from being created.

  1. In Outlook 2016 for Mac, click Tools > Accounts.

    On the Tools tab, click Accounts

  2. Select Add an account > Other Email.

    Other Email

  3. In Account description, enter the alias or other descriptive name for the account.

  4. Provide the aliased email address e.g.,

  5. Type your password.

  6. In Incoming server, enter "None." This will ensure that no inbox added for this new account.

  7. Repeat for additional aliases.

Send mail from an alias

  1. In Outlook 2016 for Mac, select New Email to compose an email message.

  2. In From, click the arrows to select an alias from the list. (The From field is displayed when you have more than one email account in Outlook.)

    From dropdown with arrows highlighted

  3. Compose your email message.

  4. Select Send.

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