Use an account in Outlook

To use an account (formerly Hotmail) together with Microsoft Outlook 2010, you must first install the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector.

download the microsoft outlook connector for windows live hotmail (outlook 32-bit version)

Note:  If you are using a 64-bit version of Outlook, download the 64-bit version.

The Outlook Connector enables two-way synchronization of e-mail messages, calendar items, and contacts between Outlook and

If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a new Microsoft account.

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Add an account

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Under Account Information, click Add Account.

    Backstage view and the Add Account command

  3. Enter your name, your e-mail address, and your password.

    Add New Account dialog box with E-mail account selected

  4. Click Next.

    You might be prompted to download the Outlook Connector.

    1. When prompted to download the Outlook Connector, click Install Now.

    2. When prompted to run OutlookConnector.exe, click Run.

    3. Select the Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms check box, and then click Continue.

    4. After the Connector is installed, in the Add New Account dialog box, click Cancel.

    5. Exit and restart Outlook.

  5. After the account is successfully added, you can add more accounts by clicking Add another account.

    Notification that account was configured

  6. To exit the Add New Account dialog box, click Finish.

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Update an account password

If you change your account password, you must also update the information in Outlook. First, change your password on the Web site, and then you update the password that is saved in Outlook.

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

    Account Settings in the Backstage view

  3. On the E-mail tab, click the account, and then click Change.

  4. In the Password box, type your new password.

  5. Click OK.

  6. On the Account Settings dialog box, click Close.

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Synchronize calendars from

With the Outlook Connector, you can view your calendar in Outlook. This includes other people’s calendars that have been shared with you. By managing your calendars in Outlook, you can take advantage of the time-management features that Outlook offers such as viewing multiple calendars at the same time. With Outlook 2010 and the Outlook Connector, you can also:

  • View tasks and flagged messages under your appointments on the days they are due

  • Categorize your appointments with custom color categories

  • Overlay multiple calendars

Additionally, any changes that you make to your calendar in Outlook are automatically synchronized with the Web version in your account.

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Remove an account

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

  3. Select the e-mail account that you want to remove, and then click Remove.

  4. To confirm removal of the account, click Yes.

To remove an e-mail account from a different profile, exit and restart Outlook with the other profile and follow the previous steps. You can also remove accounts from other profiles by doing the following:

  1. Exit Outlook.

  2. In Control Panel, click or double-click Mail.

    Where is Mail in Control Panel?

    Mail appears in different Control Panel locations depending upon the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system you are using, Control Panel view selected, and whether you are using a 32- or 64-bit operating system or version of Outlook 2010.

    Note:  The Mail icon in Control Panel does not appear unless you have installed and started Outlook.

    The easiest way to locate Mail is to open Control Panel in Windows, and then in the Search box at the top of window, type Mail. In Control Panel for Windows XP, type Mail in the Address box.

    The title bar of the Mail Setup dialog box contains the name of the current profile. To select a different profile, click Show Profiles, select the profile name, and then click Properties.

  3. Click E-mail Accounts.

  4. Select the account, and then click Remove.

  5. To confirm removal of the account, click Yes.

You can uninstall the Outlook Connector in Control Panel in Windows. For more information about how to remove programs, see Windows Help and Support.

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For assistance with, see the Email and Communication site.

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