Use a site mailbox to organize email for a team or project

To keep team- or project-related email organized, you can add a site mailbox to a SharePoint site. People simply send email to the site mailbox email address. Then, team members who have the correct permissions can view, organize, and respond to email from the site mailbox in SharePoint by using the same tools they’re familiar with from Outlook Web App. You can:

Anyone can send email to the site mailbox email address.

Here are the criteria to read, organize, respond to, or delete messages in a site mailbox:

If you decide you don’t want a site mailbox after you’ve created one, you can prevent the site mailbox from showing up on the site.

Frequently asked questions about managing site mailboxes

Here are answers to common questions that might come up as you start using site mailboxes in your organization.

Questions about using site mailboxes

How can a site member find out who can see the site mailbox?

In Outlook Web App, at the top-right corner, click Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud , click Options, click site mailboxes, double-click the site mailbox, and then click users.

What happens if two people simultaneously edit a draft email in the site mailbox by using the SharePoint site’s Site Mailbox app?

The second person’s edits overwrite the first person’s changes.

Questions about creating and removing site mailboxes

Do I need to assign a license to the site mailbox email address?

No. The site email address does not require an Exchange license.

Are there situations when I shouldn’t use a site mailbox?

There are times when a site mailbox may not be appropriate:

  • Consider confidentiality—any email in a site mailbox can be read or forwarded by any site member.

  • Because the site mailbox is a shared workspace, any site mailbox user can rearrange and delete email.

Can I rename a site mailbox?

The display name of a site mailbox is the SharePoint team site display name. If you change the display name of the site in SharePoint, the display name also changes in Outlook. However, the site email address won’t be changed.

Can I change a site mailbox email address?

No. The email address for a site can’t be changed after it’s created. The email address is generated from the display name for the site when the site mailbox was created.

If the site display name uses characters from a non-English alphabet or has three or fewer characters from the English alphabet, the display name isn’t used for the email address. Instead, to ensure that the email address is valid, the email address is automatically generated. These email addresses begin with a prefix of SM, followed by the two-digit year, the three-digit day of the year, and four random letters.

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