Use a site mailbox to coordinate team email

Organizations, and teams within organizations, often have several different email threads going in all directions at one time. It’s easy for lines to cross, information to get lost or overlooked, and for communication to break down. Site mailboxes can help you coordinate and store team or project-related email in one place, so that everyone on the team can see all communication. See Add a Site Mailbox app to keep email in context on a site for more info on how a site mailbox can help.

On the Quick Launch, click Mailbox.

Mailbox on the Quick Launch

The site mailbox opens as a second, separate inbox and folder structure, next to your personal email account. Mail sent to and from the site mailbox account will be shared between all those who have Contributor permissions on the SharePoint site.

Tip:  Did you know you can also use a site mailbox to collaborate on documents?

Add a site mailbox as a mail recipient

By including the site mailbox on an important email thread, you ensure that a copy of the information in that thread is stored in a location that can be accessed by anyone on the team.

Simply add the site mailbox in the To, CC, or BCC line of an email message.

Email message with site mailbox included in CC field.

You could even consider adding the site mailbox email address to any team contact groups or distribution lists. That way, relevant email automatically gets stored in the team’s site mailbox.

Send email from the site mailbox

When you write and send email from the site mailbox, it will look as though it came from you.

Because everyone with Contributor permissions on a site can access the site mailbox, several people can work together to draft an email message.

To compose a message, simply click New Mail.

New mail button for site mailboxes.

This will open a new message in your site mailbox.

Add addresses to an email in the site mailbox

Add the Inbox for your site mailbox to your Favorites

If you use the Favorites list in Outlook, you may find it helpful to also include folders from the site mailbox in your Favorites list.

In Outlook, you can right-click a site mailbox folder, such as the Inbox, and then click Show in Favorites. If you happen to have two folders in your Favorites list with the same name (for example, two Inboxes), Outlook automatically adds the mailbox name to the folder name (for example, “Inbox –”) so that you can easily see which folder is which.

Read more about Outlook Favorites in Keep frequently used mail folders in Favorites.

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