Use a screen reader to save a document in Word Online to a OneDrive folder

Using Word Online, you can create, update, and review documents. Word Online automatically saves all your work to the cloud, which is why you won't find a Save button. But, you can also save a document to a OneDrive folder.


  • Word Online is a web-based application, so the keyboard shortcuts and navigation may be different from those in Word 2016. Learn more about Accessibility features in Word Online.

  • This topic assumes that JAWS users have the Virtual Ribbon Menu feature turned off. When you use Word Online, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your browser.

Use a screen reader to save a document in Word Online to a OneDrive folder
  1. To move the focus to the ribbon, press Ctrl+F6 until you hear a tab name.

  2. Press Shift+Tab until you hear “File button,” and then press Enter.

  3. Press the Down arrow key until you hear “Save As,” and then press Enter.

  4. In the Save As pane, press the Down arrow key to make a selection as follows:

    • To save your document in your OneDrive folder for the first time, select the Save As tab item to move to the Save As pane.

    • Press the Down Arrow to move to the Save As button and press Enter. You'll hear, "Create a copy of this file in the same online folder. Enter a name for this file.

    • In the Save As dialog box, type a file name, Press the Tab key until you reach the Save button, and then press Enter.

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