Use VoiceOver in Outlook 2016 for Mac

You can use VoiceOver in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Just set your accessibility preferences for vision, hearing, and interaction, and start working with your email, calendars, tasks, people, and notes view.

Turn on/off VoiceOver

Outlook 2016 for Mac is compatible with VoiceOver in OS X Yosemite.

Do one of the following:

  • Press COMMAND + F5

    Turn VoiceOver on or off

  • Press COMMAND + OPTION + F5, and under VoiceOver check or uncheck Enable VoiceOver.

    Accessibility Options

Set additional OS X accessibility preferences

  1. To access all the OS X accessibility options, in the Accessibility Options box, click Preferences.

    Tip: To access the accessability preferences from the menu bar, click Accessibility box, check Show Accessibility status in menu bar. The Accessibility Preferences Accessibility Preferences icon on the Menu bar icon appears in the menu bar.

  2. In the left pane, under Vision, Hearing, or Interacting, set your preferences.

    Accessibility Preferences

Working with email

Creating and sending email
  1. To go to Mail, press COMMAND + 1.

  2. To create a new message, COMMAND + N.

  3. In the To field, enter the recipients email address.

    To check if you have the recipients email addresses right, press CONTROL + COMMAND + C.

  4. To type the subject of your email, press Tab until you get to the Subject field.

  5. To get to the body of the email and type, press Tab.

  6. To send your message, press COMMAND + RETURN.

Replying to email

  • To reply to the sender of the message or, if the message is from a mailing list, to reply to the mailing list, press COMMAND + R.

  • To reply to all the recipients of an email, including the sender, press SHIFT + COMMAND + R.

Forwarding an email

To forward a message to another recipient, press COMMAND + J.

Reading email

To navigate to the previous or next message in the message list, press SHIFT + CONTROL + ].

Navigating the message list

To navigate to the previous or next message in the message list, press SHIFT + CONTROL + ].

Navigating the ribbon

When you are on a menu button within a tab group, like font or highlight color picker, and want to access that menu, press CONTROL+OPTION+SHIFT+M. Here’s the list of controls on the ribbon that use this keyboard shortcut:

  • Follow up

  • Filter email

  • Filter tasks

  • Font color picker

  • Highlight color picker

  • Hyperlink

  • Background picker

Note: You'll get instructions from the VoiceOver to press CONTROL + OPTION + SPACE. That instruction is incorrect and won't work.

Working with the calendar

Navigating the calendar and creating appointments
  1. To switch to Calendar, press COMMAND + 2.

  2. To create a new appointment, press COMMAND + N.

  3. To invite attendees to your meeting, press COMMAND + SHIFT + I.

  4. Press Tab to search for contacts in the address book. In the Search People box, type the attendee name. Press Tab to go to the results table. If it’s an empty table, change the directory pop up to All Folders. Press Tab to go to the results table and select the attendee.

  5. Press Tab to go to the Subject field and type the purpose of your meeting.

  6. Press Tab to go to the Location field and type where you’ll be holding the meeting.

  7. Press Tab to go to the Starts and End fields and specify the Start Date and End Date for the meeting. Tab again to specify the Start and End times.

  8. To go to the body of the message window, press CONTROL + OPTION + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW and type the context for your meeting.

  9. To send your message, press COMMAND + RETURN.

Working with People, Tasks, and Notes views

Navigating People view

  • To go to People that has a list of all your contacts, press COMMAND + 3.

  • To create a new contact, press COMMAND + N.

Navigating Tasks view

  • To go Tasks view, press COMMAND + 4.

  • To create a new task, press COMMAND + N.

Navigating Notes view

To go Notes view, press COMMAND + 5.

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